Code: 141014
Symbol: JOWM
Address: Al - Ruseifah - Awajan
Telephone: (05/3743428/4)
P.O. Box: (6060) Amman 11118
Fax: (05/3744913)
Date of registration at the Ministry of Industry and Trade: 20-09-1964
Listing Date: 01-01-1978
Main Objectives: Producing all types of worsted woollen and mixtures,both military and civilian for summer and winter. In addition to polyester and viscose, hair cloth and school students uniform.To invest the money not required in the Business by buying bonds and or the
No. of Branches: Local 0 - Abroad 0
General Manager: Samir Alamat
No. of Employees Male Female Total
Jordanian 128 27 155
Non Jordanian 0 0 0
Total 128 27 155