Financial Statements of the First and Second Quarters of 2020 for Companies Listed on the ASE

Mr. Mazen Wathaifi the Chief Executive Officer of Amman Stock Exchange (ASE) said that 95% out of 181 listed companies have provided the ASE with their reviewed quarterly reports for the periods ended March 31st, 2020 and June 30th 2020, within the specified period ends on August 6th 2020, by virtue of the decision of the Board of Commissioners of Jordan Securities Commission (JSC) dated 6/7/2020 to extend the date of reports submission. This high percentage reflects the compliance of listed companies with the laws and regulations, and the commitment of such companies to the principles of transparency and disclosure.

Wathaifi added that all companies listed on the ASE should submit to the ASE their reviewed interim reports within the specified period, according to the Directives for Listing Securities on the ASE.

Wathaifi confirmed that the ASE circulates these financial statements to the brokerage firms, and post them on the ASE website under Circulars and Disclosures/ Quarterly reports and Semiannual reports windows.

Wathaifi added that companies namely JORDAN PRESS FOUNDATION/AL-RA'I, and OFFTECHOLDING GROUP PLC; AMWAJ PROPERTIES, ALENTKAEYA FOR INVESTMENT&REALESTATE DEVELOPMENT COMPANY PLC, Jordanian CO. For Developing & Financial Investment, TRAVERTINE COMPANY LTD, and FIRST JORDAN INVESTMENT COMPANY have failed to provide the ASE with their reviewed interim reports for the period ended on 31/3/2020 and 30/6/2020 during the specified period. Accordingly, the ASE suspended their shares from trading as of Sunday 9/8/2020. The companies will remain suspended until they provide the ASE with the required financial statements.

The ASE also continues suspending the trading in shares of JORDAN PROJECTS FOR TOURISM DEVELOPMENT and PHILADELPHIA INSURANCE for failing to provide the ASE with their audited annual financial statements for the year 2019 within the specified period, In addition to the interim financial statements for the periods ended on 31/3/2020 and 30/6/2020, noting that the shares of both companies shall continue to be available for trading in the Unlisted Securities Market (OTC).