Amman Stock Exchange employees organizes the Ramadan Iftar initiative “Hassalat Al-Khair Fi Shahr Al-Khair”

As part of the efforts made by the Amman Stock Exchange to enhance social responsibility and sustainability, and strengthen human ties the Ramadan Iftar initiative, "Hassalat Al-Khair Fi Shahr Al-Khair" (Goodness Box in the Month of Goodness), as implemented in collaboration with (Together for Umi) Foundation to collect donations, prepare and provide iftar meals to families in need.

Through this initiative, the ASE employees funded this initiative by collecting donations from them, providing 485 Iftar meals prepared by experienced women in the field who are in need to support their families. 410 meals were distributed to needy families, and a group Iftar was organized for 75 widows and their children.

The ASE’s Iftar Initiative is considered a valuable addition to the efforts aimed at building a more harmonious and -cooperative society, and reflects the commitment to social responsibility and motivation for effective participation in achieving sustainable development in Jordan.