The Amman Stock Exchange StartsTraining the Brokerage Companies on the New Electronic Trading System Optiq

The ASE has started to hold a series of virtual training workshops for the employees of the certified brokerage companies at the ASE through the online communication applications. The ASE’s CEO, Mr. Mazen Wathaifi pointed out that these workshops come within the ASE efforts to prepare for launching the new version of the electronic trading system of Optiq, which is expected to be ready before the end of this year 2020.

The workshops aim to introduce the employees of the brokerage companies to the most important features of this new version and to prepare them to work on the new version of the modified PAM trading stations to match the new system. The first training workshop was held on Thursday; 17/9/2020 with the participation of 11 brokerage firms, and attended by 35 participants from their employees. The ASE will continue holding such training workshops for other brokerage companies, in preparation for holding pilot trading sessions for the new electronic trading system Optiq with the participation of all brokerage companies.

Noting that the new Optiq version is up to date with the latest improvements in terms of efficiency, speed in receiving and processing selling and buying orders, and the possibility of using new financial instruments in trading, and effectively linking them to trading systems and applications. It also provides trading capability through the application of new technology for trading activities.