Ringing Bell for Gender Equality Initiative


On Tuesday 10/3/2020, the Amman Stock Exchange (ASE) hosted the annual celebration of the Ringing Bell for Gender Equality initiative by ringing the bell to start the trading session on the Stock Exchange in cooperation with the International Finance Cooperation (IFC), the United Nations Organization in Jordan (UN  Women) and the UN Global Compact, in the presence of H. E. Mr. Mohamed Saleh Al-Hourani, Chairman of the Securities Commission (JSC), Prof. Kamal Al-Qudah, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the ASE, Mr. Mazen Wathaifi, CEO of the ASE and Mr. Ismail Hajjaj, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Securities Depository Center (SDC), in addition to representatives For each of the International Finance Corporation (IFC), the World Bank and the Jordanian House for Corporate Governance (JIoD) and the Jordanian National Commission for Women (JNCW) and a number of officials from the ASE.

 Mr. Mazen Wathaifi, CEO of ASE, said that the Exchange’s participation in this initiative along with 85 exchanges around the world will ring the bell on the occasion of International Women's Day this year under the title “Economic Empowerment of Women in the Private Sector” comes from the ASE believes that Jordanian women can achieve in the process of sustainable development and various economic activities, and the importance of raising awareness of the importance of this role.

Mr. Wathaifi also stressed on the need for more efforts that would enhance the role of women as partners with men in all fields, in addition to encouraging business leaders from all over the world to take concrete steps to empower women in the workplace and society. He added that the ASE has a clear interest in enabling women to undertake pioneering tasks in the Jordanian capital market sector and in promoting economic activity and active participation in the labor market and in its capacity for development and creativity.

It is worth noting that this initiative is a global event that was adopted by a group of important and active global actors in the field of financial markets, the most important of which are: UN Global Compact, UN women, Sustainable Stock Exchanges Initiative, World Federation of Exchanges, Women in ETFs, and .it is launched in various countries of the world to celebrate International Women's Day.