Receiving Delegations from Different parts

Name of service

Receiving Delegations from different parts


Awareness Departments and Public Relations Departments

Recipients of Service

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Available Forms to Perform Service


Service Description

The ASE receives a number of official and student delegations from a number of (local or Arab or international authorities ) to view the most important recent developments in the ASE

Requirements and Conditions of Service


Required Documents

sending an official letter requesting a visit to the ASE on which they review the electronic trading system and the most important developments at the ASE.

Steps and procedures for implementing the service

The department sends an official letter to welcome the delegation shown the date, time and place of the field visit, after that a lecture is displayed to the delegation

Service Fees


Approximate Time for Completing the Service

Less than one week

Contact Details

  • Awareness and Public Relations Departments
  • Tel number : 0096265664109
    • Ext:1707/1702/1703
  • Email address: